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Governance of the Whitewater Bromley Community Health Centre Satellite

In late 2004, the Ministry of Health approved funding for two satellite sites in Beachburg and Cobden, together known as the Whitewater Bromley Community Health Centre Satellites (WBCHCS) to be managed through the Lanark RenfrewHealth & Community Services (LRHCS).

Executive Director, HR and Financial management is provided from the Lanark site with programming operations managed locally by a Program Director. The Satellite has active Advisory Board and a Satellite Committee is the vehicle for transmission of information between the Lanark Renfrew Health & Community Services Board and the Satellite Advisory Board.

The Satellite Committee is a Standing Committee of the Lanark Renfrew Health & Community Services Board and is comprised of members of the Advisory Board and/or representatives of the catchment area of Whitewater Bromley.  The Committee reports to the LHCS Board through verbal and/or written reports from the CHC Satellite Chairperson. The Chairperson of the CHC Satellite Committee is the Chairperson of the Whitewater Bromley Community Advisory Board and is a member of the LHCS Board.

Lanark Renfrew Health & Commnunity Services 2017/2018 Board

  • Chair Tom Baumgartner
  • Vice Chair Tracy Zander
  • Secretary/Treasurer Warren McMeekin
  • Past Chair Nic Maennling

Sitting Board Members:

Noreene Adam
Fay Bennett
Andrea Brett
Wayne Church
Bill Janes
Jean Knowles
Diane McGee
Melanie Mills
Joseph Trimm

LRHCS Board Meeting Minutes


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