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Whitewater Bromley Community Health Centre

a part of Lanark Renfrew Health & Community Services

Prescription Renewals

We prefer you make an appointment with your practitioner to get your prescriptions renewed. Every time you pick up your medication at the pharmacy, check to see if you have any refills left on the prescription. (This is also recorded on the prescription label—if it says REP (for repetition) or Refill (0) please call us to book an appointment to renew your medication). The sooner you call to make an appointment, the more flexibility you have in getting an appointment that meets your needs.

Meeting with your practitioner will ensure that your medications are at the appropriate dosage. We prefer not to arrange for prescription renewals over the phone (ie without an assessment) as this does not allow us to ensure safe, effective and high-quality medical care. For many medications, it is important to have regular lab-work completed to determine the appropriate dosage. An appointment should be made for this lab-work as well.

Instructions - Lets you know how to take this medication.   A Sample Prescription
Drug Name and Strength of Medication - Lets you know both the trade and generic names for the prescription.  
REPS or Refills - Lets you know how many times you can refill this prescription before you need to make an appointment to renew this medication. If it says REP (for repetition) or Refill (0), it’s time to book an appointment.