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The WBCHC Presents


Living Better with Attention and Purpose

Change Your Mind (CYM) is

  • An 8-week/16 hour learning and skill development program,
  • Taught as a group learning and skill development experience,
  • Lead by our social worker who has been facilitating the program for over 10 years,
  • A flexible learning process that fits how you learn,
  • NOT a self-help group, support group or group therapy; it IS a TRAINING program

What will I learn in CYM?

  • Building your ability to pay attention
  • Improving self-care, activity and awareness
  • Understanding habits of emotion and thought
  • Self-organizing for a more purposeful and satisfying life.

All participants receive the CYM Workbook and a skills DVD.

Who will benefit?

Past CYM participants report improvements in such conditions as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress-related conditions
  • Chronic-pain
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Living with chronic illness (such as diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure problems, weight issues)
  • Mild-to-moderate PTSD

What kind of learning is in CYM?

CYM has 4 components, called P.A.R.A., which stands for:

PURPOSE: ...understanding of what matters to you at this time of your life.

It expresses your values and will change through your life. It is something only you can define – no one can define it for you. It is expressed in your intentions for action and requires on-going definition all through your life.

ATTENTION: : ... awareness of your life experiences.

You will cultivate this through mindfulness practices. Mindfulness, a kind of meditation, is being recommended widely in medical, health and even business environments. Mindfulness is simple to learn, requiring only about 15 minutes/day to have an impact in your life. We have made it a central resource for what we provide.

RELATIONSHIP: ...your connection to supportive and helpful people.

It is an essential aspect of your capacity to “bounce back” from stresses and challenges in your life.

ACTIVITY: ... keeping active in two ways.

First, you have to be physically active to sustain good physical and mental health. There are no shortcuts. Second, you can only change your life through the actions you take. It is not enough to wish or dream, to have nice feelings or thoughts. We live our lives through our actions.

When is CYM offered?

CYM is offered twice each year as a weekday afternoon program usually between March-April and September-November.

What if I am not a CHC patient or live near Beachburg?

You DO NOT have to be a patient of the CHC to attend this program. It is open to anyone in Renfrew County who can get to the sessions. The lower age limit is 17 years.

Is there a cost?

The CHC does not charge for any programs.

Why is it only taught in groups?

The classroom or group learning format has been shown to be the most effective way to learn. The participants act as peer-resources to each other, adding to the learning experience.

What about my privacy?

CYM is NOT a self-help group, support group or group therapy. Weekly sessions concentrate on skills and practice, not on personal disclosure. You will not be pressured to participate beyond what you feel is appropriate for you.

Your privacy in all group activities is assured. All participants commit to maintain confidentiality we promise at the CHC. You will not be required or pressured to disclose personal information. The facilitator is our Social Worker who ensures safety, respect and privacy in every aspect of the CYM experience.

Can I just attend some of the sessions?

The CYM Program is designed as a complete structured learning process that gradually guides you through skill acquisition and self-understanding. Only those able to complete the whole program are able to register.

How can I join the next CYM?

Before joining, you will need to attend one of the information sessions offered in the weeks just before the starting date.

CYM Information Sessions are divided into 2 parts:

  • Information about the purpose, format and scheduling of the CYM Program, time for all your questions; and
  • A mini-version of a CYM session so you can experience what the actual Program will be like.

Our next CYM program is scheduled to start in late September, 2015, as an afternoon (3.00-5.00pm) program and will be located at our Cobden Site.

  • CYM information sessions will be held in our Cobden Program Room from 3.30-5.00pm on 3 weekdays prior to Session 1. (Call the CHC for exact dates).


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